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Abbottabad, the city of pines, is located in the Hazara region of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, in Pakistan. Abbottabad is known as the City of Pines,
Abbottabad is located in the Orash Valley, Abbottabad is the capital of the Abbottabad District. The city is blessed to have a pleasant weather all year round. Further it is known among the country because of its good educational institutions and military establishments, as the renowned military academy, Pakistan Military Academy (PMA) is located at Kakul near Abbottabad.

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History of Abbottabad

The name of the city was set on the name of James Abbott the founder of this beautiful town, before the partition. Under the British Raj, Abbottabad was the headquarters of the Hazara District. Abbottabad got its name from the founder of the town, Major James Abbott. He founded the town in January 1853 after the invasion of Punjab. From 1849 to April 1853, Major Abbott was the first Deputy Commissioner of the Hazara District. It is an interesting fact that Major Abbott also wrote a poem titled “Abbottabad” in which he wrote how much he liked the city and was gloomy when leaving it. This poem is monument in a stone in the Famous Lady Graden in the beautiful Cantt Area.

Abbottabad – City of Schools

Abbottabad is a major center for Pakistan’s educational industry, and remains the foremost center of Pakistan’s literary & education prospect. People send their children far away from whole of Pakistan to seek education from one of the best schools like Abbottabad Public School (APS), Army Burn Hal, and new emerging and outstanding schools Modrenage Public School, Modren School System and Tameer e Milat. No doubts Abbottabad has maintained its name in the Best Schools Facilitator.
The population of Abbottabad is 208,491Million.

Abbottabad Weather

Abbottabad has a humid subtropical climate, with mild to warm temperatures during the spring and autumn months, hot temperatures during June and July, and cool to mild temperatures during the winter. The temperature can rise as high as 38 °C (100 °F) during the mid-summer months and drop below −5 °C (23 °F) during the extreme cold waves. Snowfall occurs occasionally in December and January, though it is sparse, while heavy rainfall occurs during the monsoon season stretching from July to September. No matter what the season is, Abbottabad will always welcome its guests with a pleasant weather for which Abbottabad is famous for.

Abbottabad Culture

Abbottabad is a well- cultured area, with a combination of modern and ancient cultures. The religious bonds are very tight and majority of the people are fond of Islamic traditions. The customs of the city include Hujra meetings (sitting), the Islamic traditions are quite prominent in rural areas and they have high moral values in the society. The people of Abbottabad are known to be peaceful and educated.

Famous visiting places

There is a town in Abbottabad District known by the name of Nawanhsher. The oldest and largest mosque of Abbottabad, Ilysai Masjid (Mosque) is found to be there. Since the weather of Abbottabad is pleasant, many people from other parts of the country come to visit this historic mosque.The natural water stream beneath the mosque is the astonishing reason for the fame of this mosque. This water is running since the times and blessing the people around it and who visit far and wide.
The popular tourist places in and close to Abbottabad are Shimla Hill, Lady Garden, Governor House Abbottabad, Abbottabad Mueseum, Sajikot Waterfall, Dor River Valley (at Harnoi), Bagh Bandi Water Stream, Meeran Jani Top, Nathia Gali, Ayubia National Park, Bara Gali, Khaira gali,Thandiani and Murree, respectively.

Abbottabad Famous Places

Abbottabad visiting places are so beautiful and attractive for the tourists here are some of the famous Abbottabad visiting places as follows:

Abbottabad Famous Foods

Abbottabad famous foods list is enormous its pretty hard to select the best spot as this city is just full of amazing traditional food. Still, we tried hard to get the best and most important ones to visit.

Lakh Patti Kabab

Lakh Patti Kabab is Abbottabad Famous Food, Shops are located at Nawasher near ilyasi Masjid, Their kabab’s are very tasty, healthy and have a reasonable price.

Ilyasi Masjid Pokary

Ilyasi Masjid Pakory is Abbottabad Famous Food, Shops are located at ilyasi Masjid, Ilyasi Masjid is also famous for their pakora’s and attractive for the tourists.

Daal Hotel Havelian

Daal Hotel Havelian is Abbottabad Famous Food, Shops are located at Havelian, Daal Hotel in famous in this area and they use dasi gee for making daal and great attractive for the tourists/locals.

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