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I don’t remember much being a child, however, whenever I look back and try to reminisce old days, I am really surprised by some very vivid memories that flashback instantly and consistently. All these memories had something in common, they are always related to a place or a point in our journeys that we used to take holistically almost every week as a family.

As a child, I never understood why our father always insisted on going on picnics and trips, it seem really boring at times but now after so many years i have realized that he was building our memory pool and instigating love and passion to explore and experience the world that shaped our lives forever.

Even though my father left us for good, I still remember him in my memories in all those trips that we took… those trips were making an eternal bond and memories that we will cherish for rest of our lives.

Where it al(most) started, Mom, Dad and my lovely siblings on our weekly tour !

All these experiences sparked a wanderlust that still keeps me going. I started my exploration from Pakistan and now from last 10 years or so I have visited around 25 countries across the globe. Every place in the world is amazing but i feel that the natural resources, hospitality and landscape that Pakistan has to offer , very few countries are blessed with same.

I really wanted people to go and explore the beauty of Pakistan and create some eternal memories that they can cherish for rest of their lives. However, world seems to be ignorant of incredible tourist resources of Pakistan and our tourism industry lacks the international representation, passion and customer services that sets rest of the countries apart from us.

With the passion to introduce Pakistan to the world, I started working with my childhood friend, Wajahat, who is also a tourist buff. We started Voyage Planners LLC in USA to welcome and introduce International Tourists to Pakistan and provide the customer experience that will be unmatched across the board.

We are so glad that in short span, we have our local presence in USA, Canada, Australia, Italy, UK , South Africa and Middle East. We have also established a full service, registered DMC (Destination Management Company) in Pakistan led by Wajahat that delivers end to end tourism services to ensure quality of experience we expect for our customers.

Either you are travelling with family, going with some friends or flying solo, we really want to provide experiences that are customized to your needs and cater you as per your taste, that’s why each and every tour we plan is customized as per your needs.

This is Pakistan

Doesn’t matter if its your love for Adventure, Leisure, Religious Heritage or Culinary Food that draws you to Pakistan, we utilize our local community members to provide an unmatched tourism experience to you. We can also provide Accommodation, Rental cars and professional concierge services to make your stay in Pakistan more comfortable and enjoyable.

I am glad you and so many others are considering Pakistan as their next travel destination, We would love to welcome you and it will be an honor if we can serve you… anyone can reach me directly at nmir@planavoyage.com or share your thoughts at support@planavoyage.com.If you want to know more about Pakistan, please read our blog here or discover major destinations here !

So what are you waiting for, let’s plan a voyage and make it memorable ! Happy Travels and hope to see you soon !

Naveed Mir , Co-Founder Voyage Planners LLC & Voyage Planners Pvt. Ltd

“Don’t listen to what they Say, Go See”

Chinese Proverb
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