6 Most Exciting Islamabad Day Trips in 2022

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By: Fahad Khawaja

Are you looking for exciting one-day trips from Islamabad? A change of scenery is much needed to clear your head and feel revitalized. We have prepared the perfect travel guide for day trips from Islamabad. 

Islamabad is Pakistan’s capital city and is known for its beauty and greenery. While there are plenty of entertaining points of interest within Islamabad, you may want to experience something new. These destinations are the perfect choice for a weekend getaway with friends or family.

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Khanpur Dam, KPK: Location, Activities, Facts & More! | Zameen Blog

Khanpur is a small city in the KPK province. Part of the Haripur district, the town has a small dam constructed on Khanpur Lake. Khanpur Dam is 45km from Islamabad and can be reached in 1hr 30min on the road. The weather at Khanpur is pleasant most of the year. 

Khanpur Dam is a fantastic place best known for its resorts and watersports. Take part in fun activities for your entire family. At Khanpur Dam, you and your family can have a fantastic time by taking part in paragliding, jet-skiing, speed boating, and even parasailing. 

If you would much rather take part in casual fun family activities, you will love playing musical chairs or tug of war with the entire family. You can also camp overnight and reconnect with nature by sleeping under the starry sky.

Once you have spent the day experiencing fantastic water activities, you can end your day trip with a delicious live BBQ and a warm bonfire. 

There are plenty of luxury resorts in Khanpur Dam that will make your day trip memorable. Our favorite ones are the Mabali Island and Sunset Resort. 

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Mushkpuri Top

Mushkpuri Top is a popular trekking destination approximately 2,800m high. Situated near Nathiagali Hills in the Abbottabad district, Mushkpuri can be an ideal one-day trip from Islamabad. The weather in Mushkpuri is delightful in the Spring and Autumn seasons.

You can reach Mushkpuri in approximately 2 hours from Islamabad. It is about 80km via Kashmir Road. 

Mushkpuri Top is a very casual trekking trail that is easily accessible. You can easily complete the trekking trail in about 3 hours. The hiking trail starts from Nathiagali and ends in the Pine Green Forest at the top of Mushkpuri.

Once at the top, you will fall in love with the beautiful scenery. If you enjoy hiking, then Mushkpuri is an excellent one-day trip from Islamabad. 

Murree Hills

Some Of The Best Places To Visit In Murree | Zameen Blog

Murree is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. If you have not already been to Murree, then this is a sign you need to do so now.  

Murree is a mountain resort town located in the Rawalpindi district. You can easily reach Murree in less than 2 hours from Islamabad. The beautiful mountainous region of Muree is a pleasant sight in all seasons.  

There are plenty of things to do in Murree, so this is a fantastic destination for a one-day trip from Islamabad.

Once you reach Murree, you want to visit Mall Road. This is a beautiful outdoor market that has lovely textiles, restaurants, and entertainment spots for children. Feel free to buy souvenirs from the local vendors.

Another popular spot is Kashmir Point. This is a very scenic hill station that will make your Instagram profile ‘pop.’ It has stunning views, and a safari train is also available. Among other activities at Kashmir Point, you can also do horse riding in the nearby areas.

If you have time during the day, we would suggest taking a short drive to Pearl Continental, Bhurban, for high-tea. Alternatively, you can also experience a scenic chair lift at Patriata.

Regardless of what season you visit Murree in, you are bound to have a fantastic experience. International and local tourists love traveling to Murree, making it one of the most popular one-day trips from Islamabad. 

Khewra Salt Mines

The Khewra Salt Mines are thought to be discovered by Alexander the Great’s horse in 326BC. Today, these salt mines are the second largest in the world. Khewra Salt Mines output a massive 325,000 tons of salt per year.

Khewra is located in the Jhelum district and is about 160km south of Islamabad. The Khewra Salt Mines are 748ft deep and spread over 11 different stories. The mines contain 40km of tunnels running through the mountains.

Within the Khewra Salt Mine, tourists can see some incredible salt sculptures and structures. Workers have designed models of Shahi Mosque, Chandi Chowk, and even Minar-e-Pakistan. The Sheesh Mahal (Palace of Mirrors) is a popular attraction made of transparent salt and illuminated water ponds.

That’s not all; the Khewra Salt Mines also houses the world’s only functional post-office made entirely out of salt. You can also buy glowing salt souvenirs to grace your living room. 

A visit to the Khewra Salt Mines on your day off will be a memorable experience for your family.

Safari Tourist Train

Tourist train launched between Golra and Attock - Pakistan - DAWN.COM

Tourism is at the forefront in Pakistan. A newly launched tourism train by Pakistan Railways aims to promote the beauty and culture of the Potohar region. 

Attock Khurd is a 2-hour drive from Islamabad. A trip on the Safari Tourist Train is a great one-day trip from Islamabad. The Safari train will take tourists from Golra to Hassanabdal, Attock city, Taxila, and other beautiful surrounding areas.

You can experience the scenic Potohar consisting of Sangjani tunnel, Haro Bridge, Margalla Hills, and the Iron Girder Bridge on the Indus. 

Panj 犀利士 Peer Rocks

panjpeer rocks 1

The Panj Peer Rocks are named after five saints that settled in the Danoi Ridge of Kotli Sattian, Kahuta. Situated at an altitude of over 5900 feet, a visit to the Panj Peer rocks and shrine will be quite memorable. 

Once at the Panj Peer rocks, you can experience breathtaking views of Kaghan Mountains, Makra and even Kashmir. There is also a religious shrine located in the area.

You can easily visit Panj Peer, Kahuta from Islamabad in just over three hours. Once there, you need to hike for 2-3 hours to get to the top of the mountain and enjoy the picture perfect view.

Best One Day Trips from Islamabad

We hope you found this travel day trip guide useful. Plan your trip with us today to experience the natural beauty of Pakistan with ease and luxury

Pakistan is filled with countless beautiful tourist destinations, we would love to be your partners in exploring the adventure.

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