Karachi, the largest city of Pakistan and 5th largest City in the World is situated on the Arabian Sea near the Indus River delta. The capital of Sind province, it is Pakistan’s chief seaport and industrial center, a transportation, commercial, and financial hub, and a military headquarters. It has a large automobile assembly plant, an oil refinery, a steel mill, shipbuilding, railroad yards, jute and textile factories, printing and publishing plants, media and entertainment industries, food processing plants, and chemical and engineering works.

Karachi airport is one of the busiest in Asia. Karachi has a university and other educational institutions; the national museum, with a fine archaeological collection; and the tomb of Muhammad Ali Jinnah, founder of Pakistan.

Karachi is a city of beaches, ungodly amounts of biryani, chai addicts, and the never-ending wedding season. Karachi’s Architecture is a fabulous mix of old and new. Tourists have the fascinating opportunity to explore Mohatta Palace — the magnificent building constructed in order to save a loving wife from dying before her time. The walls of the palace echo the sounds of love, life and loss. Not to mention the Frere Hall — a free building that dates back to the same period, but which now acts as a museum and photography spot, holding fort to numerous art exhibitions all year round.

Karachi is known as Pakistan’s City of Lights , it’s a city that never sleeps. Head out at 3 am in the heart of the city with a craving for some piping hot Nihari and some chai, and you will find roadside restaurants up and ready to serve. This coastal metropolitan city has a heterogeneous culture, distinct energy and great food – just some of the many reasons why you should visit it if you are coming to Pakistan.

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Popular Destination

Karachi is famous for its Urban lifestyle, colorful culture and amazing historical architecture providing a unique opportunity to observe the progress of this country.

Here are some of the famous destinations in Karachi, please feel free to contact us and customize a trip based on your own preferences and areas of

Clifton Beach

Sandspit Beach

Mohatta Palace Museum

Charna Island

Mazar E Quaid

National Museum Of Pakistan

Hawkes Bay