Voyage Planners offer best and luxurious Peshawar Tours for friends, family, and groups. Peshawar is the capital of Khyber-Pukhtunkhuwa and is a place subcontinent and Central Asia meets. It is perhaps the oldest city in Asia. No other city is quite older then Peshawar. The walls of the Bazaar is like an American Wild West movie customized as a Bible epic.

Peshawar Population

The population of Peshawar in 1998 was 2,026,851, whereas the cities annual growth is estimated at 3.29% per year. According to the 2017 census, the population is 1,970,042, and Peshawar is considered as the sixth largest city of Pakistan.

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Peshawar History:

The Peshawar history is connected with the history of the subcontinent. The region was known as Purusapura in Sanskrit, meaning “city of men”.

It was also mentioned in the Zend Avesta as Vaekarata, the seventh most beautiful place on the Earth. The primal major city which was established in Peshawar was known as Purusapura, from which the current name ”Peshawar” is derived and it was the western capital of Gandhara Mahajanapada. In ancient times, the Gandhara state has occupied the vale of Peshawar and the nearby areas.

The Muslim rule was first brought to the region by the Turks, whose ruler was, Sebuktigin, took control over Peshawar in 988 A.D. The North West Frontier Province was then created in 1901. After Pakistan get independence, this region then becomes a separate province of Pakistan.

Popular Destination

Peshawar visiting places are so beautiful and attractive for the tourists here are some of the famous Peshawar visiting places as follows:


Inside the beautiful Victorian building an extensive collection of Gandhara art is kept, you won’t be able to find such collection anywhere in the world. This museum is located at the Saddar road Peshawar.


The grand impressive fort was once the place of Afghan Durrani Royals, later the Sikh’s took the command in the 19th century. The look of the fort today is because of the efforts of the Britain’s who took up the challenge to rebuilt it.


It’s a mountain pass in north Pakistan. Close to the border of Afghanistan. It also has been the gateway of South Asia ( part of the ancient silk route). It connects the Afghan territories via torkham. Security is the main concern out there.


This is a reputable academic institution, the Victorian architecture and green premises is open for the visitors and the sketch of this building is also placed on 1000 Pakistani Rupee note which actually enhances its importance.

Mahabat khan Mosque

This mosque depicts the Mughal architecture and seems to be the best example of the 17th century, with its ornate interior and courtyard water reservoir is a prominent attraction. To facilitate the visitors the private tour guides are also available.

Qissa khawani bazar

This place is also known as the “storyteller street”. The travelers back then used to share tales of adventure so the name Qissa khawani has been derived from in there. , it’s still the vibrant market street famous for clothing, crockery, metal, spices.

Famous Foods in Peshawar

Peshawar Famous Foods list is enormous its pretty hard to select the best spot as this city is just full of amazing traditional food. Still, we tried hard to get the best and most important ones to visit, Here are some of the Peshawar Famous Foods places.

Charsi Tikka

Charsi Tikka is Peshawar Famous Foods, At Charsi Tikka restaurant, we heartily welcome our customers to a lot of services in which most importantly is our high quality and strictly halal food.

Jalil kabab House

Jalil Kebab House is Peshawar Famous Foods, This is a very well known kabab house in Peshawar. The restaurant is also offering BBQ and grill foods. Their taste is good and the atmosphere providing by them is attractive and fine.


Dum pukht is Peshawar Famous Foods, Another outstanding dish u must try is dum pukht. Its a mutton dish consists of tomatoes, green chili, and salt cooked on the heat of coal buried under the soil.

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