Visitors to Pakistan typically must obtain a visa from one of the Pakistani diplomatic missions abroad.

Pakistani missions abroad offer various categories of visas, with some travelers eligible for visa on arrival if traveling as part of a group tour, or for business. Pakistan does not offer visa-on- arrival for individual tourists, though nationals of some countries do not require a visa for travel to Pakistan.

Applicants must typically apply for visas in their country of origin, but may apply from a third country if they are legal permanent residents of that country

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Various Visa Types

Business VisaTourist VisaGroup Tourism

Family Visit Visa For Pak Origin Foreigners

Foreigners of Pak Origin are granted visa with multiple entries upto one year or validity of their passport, whichever is less by Missions abroad.

RPOs may grant Extension in visa to foreigners of Pak Origin for one year with multiple entries and upto 5 years without entries, subject to validity of their passport. A period of overstay upto six months can be condoned by RPOs in such cases.

Foreign wives of Foreigner of Pak Origin are also issued the same visa extension as to Pak Origin foreigners, subject to production of copy of Nikkah Nama/Marriage Certificate and NIC of husband.

Landing Permit for 72 hours can be granted by Airport Immigration staff, with prior approval of the Zonal Director (FIA) concerned, to the foreigners of Pak Origin and their families only in emergency cases on production of documentary proof of Pak Origin.

Business Visa


Missions abroad are authorized to grant five years validity (Multiple) visa within 24 hours to businessmen of following 68 countries of Business Visa List (BVL) on the production of any of the following documents. Duration of each stay is for three months.

  • Recommendation letter from CC&I of the respective country of the foreigner.
  • Invitation letter from Business organization duly recommended by the concerned Trade Organization/Association in Pakistan
  • Recommendatory letter by Honorary Investment Counselor of BOI/Commercial Attach posted at Missions abroad.
Argentina Iceland Poland
Australia Indonesia Portugal
Austria Iran Qatar
Azerbaijan Ireland Romania
Bahrain Italy Russia
Belgium Japan Saudi Arabia
Bosnia Jordan Singapore
Brazil Kazakhistan Slovakia Republic
Brunei Kuwait Slovenia
Canada Latvia South Africa
Chile Lithonia South Korea
China Luxembourg Spain
Cyprus Malaysia Sweden
Czech Republic Malta Switzerland
Denmark Mauritius Thailand
Egypt Mexico Turkey
Estonia Morocco Turkmenistan
Finland Netherlands U.K.
France New Zealand U.S.A.
Germany Norway U.A.E.
Greece Oman Ukraine
Hungary Philippine Vietnam
Sri Lanka Bulgaria

Missions abroad can grant one month validity and stay (Multiple) entry visa to the businessmen of remaining 107 countries (except Israel) subject to the production of afore-mentioned requisite documents from applicants own country or place of legal residence by Ambassador/High Commissioner/Head of Mission only on the followingcriteria:

The applicant belongs to Company of International repute. And / or Fulfills the criteria laid down for List A country in respect of valid sponsorship from Pakistan.

Conversion of Business visa into Work visa and vice versa has been discontinued.

Visa On Arrival To Businessmen Of 68 Countries.

Visa On Arrival (VOA) for 30 days validity and stay will be given to the businessmen of above 68 countries of Business Friendly List (BVL) (mentioned at serial L, as-well) on production of any of the following documents.

  • Recommendation letter from CC&I of the respective country of the foreigner.
  • Invitation letter from Business organization duly recommended by the concerned Trade Organization/Association in Pakistan.
  • Recommendatory letter by Honorary Investment Counselor of BOI/Commercial Attach posted at Missions abroad.

Tourist Visa

Pakistan Missions abroad are authorized to grant Visit/Tourist Visa for three months validity and stay with double entry to foreigners of List-A consisting of following 188 countries.

RPOs have been authorized to extend tourist visa upto a maximum period of six months including the initial visa period and condone overstay upto 15 days on payment of visa fee subject to payment of a minimum of US $ 10 only.

For Northern Areas, the Deputy Commissioners Gilgit & Skardu have been authorized to allow extension in visa for three months and one re-entry to the tourists in Northern Areas, charging visa fee as per policy.

Albania Germany Peru
Algeria Ghana Philippines
Andorra Greece Poland
Angloa Grenada Portugal
Antigua & Barbuda Guatemala Qatar
Argentina Guinea Republic of Moldova
Armenia Guinea-Bissau Romania
Australia Guyana Russian Federation
Austria Haiti Poland
Azerbaijan Honduras Portugal
Bahamas Hungary Qatar
Bahrain Iceland Republic of Moldova
Barbados Indonesia Romania
Belarus Iran Russian Federation
Belgium Ireland Rwanda
Belize Italy Saint Kitts & Nevis
Benin Jamaica Saint Lucia
Bolivia Japan Saint Vincent & Grenadines
Bosnia & Herzegovina Jordan Samoa
Botswana Kazakhstan San Marino
Brazil Kenya Sao Tome & Principe
Brunai Darussalam Kiribati Saudi Arabia
Bulgaria Kuwait Senegal
Burkina Faso Lao Republic Seychelles
Burundi Latvia Sierra Leone
Cameroon Lebanon Singapore
Canada Lesotho South Korea
Cape Verde Liberia Slovakia
Central African Republic Leichtenstein Slovenia
Chad Lituania Solomon Islands
Chile Luxemburg South Africa
China Madagascar Spain
Colombia Malawi Sri Lanka
Comoros Malaysia Suriname
Congo Maldives Swaziland
Costa Rica Mali Sweden
Cote d’lvoire Malta Switzerland
Croatia Marshall Islands Thailand
Cuba Mauritania Republic of Macedonia
Cyprus Mauritius Timor-Leste
Czech Republic Mexico Togo
Republic of Congo Micronesia Tongo
Denmark Monaco Trinidad & Tobago
Djibouti Mozambique Tunisia
Dominica Myanmar Turkey
Dominican Republic Namibia Turkmenistan
Ecuador North Korea Tuvalu
Egypt Nauru Ukraine
El Salvador Nepal United Arab Emirates
Equatorial Guinea Netherlands United Kingdom
Eritrea New Zealand United States of America
Estonia Nicaragua Uruguay
Ethiopia Niger Vanuatu
Fiji Norway Venezuela
Finland Oman Viet Nam
France Palau Yemen
Gabon Panama Zambia
Gambia Papua New Guinea Zimbabwe
Georgia Paraguay Uzbekistan
Syria Tanzania Iraq
Sudan Serbia Uganda
Cambodia Libya Mongolia
Morocco Tajikistan

Group Tourism Through Designated Tour Operators

Visa On Arrival (VOA) will be allowed for one month validity and stay (Multiple) to Group Tourists of following 24 Tourists Friendly Countries (TFC) through designated Tour Operators in Pakistan subject to the following conditions:-

  1. The case will be submitted through designated/authorized tour operators only.
  2. The concerned tour operator will also submit undertaking to the effect that the tourists will be their responsibility and that they will not illegally overstay beyond validity of visa.
  3. If required, the same tour operators will apply, before expiry of visa for further extension upto 30 days.
  4. The concerned tour operators will submit a confirmation about exit of the said tourists, after their actual leaving the country.

Tourist Friendly Countries (TFC) for Group Tourism through Designated Tour Operators

Austria France Korea Singapore
Belgium Germany Luxembourg Spain
Canada Greece Malaysia Sweden
China Iceland Netherlands Thailand
Denmark Italy Norway U.K.
Finland Japan Portugal U.S.A.