Plan A Voyage takes pride in bringing you a unique platform that provides modern outdoor corporate activities. Our Outdoor Leadership programs nurture professional growth and provide recreation to corporate leaders.

We do this by providing life-changing experiences to our valued corporate clients. Our programs improve personal growth, motivation, and leadership development through adventure-based outdoor activities.

At Plan A Voyage, we incorporate the power of results and research. This is why our corporate programs are backed by proven and effective data-driven research. Our expert trainers personalize our corporate programs to suit your company culture. Our only aim is to deliver the best possible results.

We understand the need for flexibility and adaptability when working with corporate clients. Our experienced teams dedicate their time to ensuring that. With us, you receive personalized outdoor corporate programs to suit your flexibility. Making sure your trip with us is professional and recreational success.

We take pride in pioneering Outdoor Leadership and Corporate Retreat programs.


  1. We provide outdoor activities that are scientifically proven to help boost personal development.
  2. In our corporate work life, we hardly have time to go outside and truly connect with nature. Why not experience our corporate programs to catch up with mother nature and participate in exciting activities at once.
  3. A huge reason for corporate outdoor activities being successful is the lack of an office environment. People tend to be more relaxed in the outdoors. So, our programs have greater success in achieving personal development goals.

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Why Us

  1. Tourists around the world trust us, and we have significant community outreach. This keeps us up-to-date on current market trends.
  2. Plan A Voyage takes great pride in our dedicated team of expert trainers. Our trainers are known for their work as personal development life coaches.
  3. Our corporate plans are flexible and can be tailored to fit your tight schedules without compromising on value.

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