Travelling in Pakistan is a truly unique experience, it can be enlightening, frustrating, life changing and, often, surprising. Pakistan is the ultimate travel destination and if you are a fan of real adventure, it’s time for you to travel to Pakistan!

The snow leopard is Pakistan’s national heritage animal, with a few hundred of these rare beauties roaming its Karakoram Mountains. Travel in Pakistan is similarly rarified, however, we can take you on to journeys that will, like the snow leopard, surprise and make your heart leap. Not with fear, as many presume, but with joy, as you experience its natural and cultural greatness.

Pakistan is the place to visit for mountain and nature adorers, diverse and rich cultural explorers , culinary experts and history and heritage buffs. Be it on mountain treks enveloped by 7000m peaks, on the ancient trails of the Silk Road, in alpine pastures dotted with traditional villages where apricot growers dry their fruits, or traditionally clad Kalash people gather their goat herds. Or experiencing World’s top peak and mountain ranges and listening to roaring Indus river or discovering ancient civilization of Mohenjo-Daro , Harappa & Taxila.. Pakistan is the tourism destination for a life time experience.

Pakistan isn’t a poverty stricken, 3rd world county. Tourism is booming from over last decade, The road access is second to none, enabling peak practice to be, thankfully, open to all. Beautiful boutique hotels, top service and top museums still astound and delight everyone visiting this land of hospitality.

Pakistan has so much to offer that can fulfill a true travelers dream. We can take you to the classic circuit through northern mountains that tower over 7,000m, alpine pastures almost devoid of people and remote mountain valleys inhabited by the Kalash people, who have a different religion, language and culture to the rest of Pakistan. You will also follow in the footsteps of ancient travelers along the Karakoram Highway (KKH), or Pakistani section of the Silk Road linking Kashgar in China with Islamabad. All tourist trails also lead to the cultural capital of Lahore, where you descend from the mountains into a world where Mughal magnificence is fused with modern metropolis.

However, there are those who, like the snow leopard, strike fear in Pakistan. But thankfully the tide is turning. Pakistanis not only treasure their country but truly value visitors and so, with the combination of increased security and a population that rejects sectarianism, tourism here is, mercifully, changing its spots.

Though we know you are already excited to visit Pakistan, here are some of the experiences shared by fellow foreign travelers!!!!

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