Kashmir, the very name conjures up images of unsurpassed scenic beauty—snow-capped mountains, mesmerizing valleys, romantic lakes, arresting rivers, colorful flowers and enchanting landscapes with the mighty Himalayas as its backdrop. The credit for the international fame of this celestial destination goes to its overwhelming tourist attractions, which never fail to leave tourists spell bound. Jammu and Kashmir is aptly called “heaven on earth”. If you have not seen Jammu and Kashmir, you have not seen the paradise on earth.

For a glorious journey, step into the majestic land of Jammu and Kashmir and treat your senses to a delightful experience—an experience which will remain etched in your heart forever. Undoubtedly God has liberally bestowed Jammu and Kashmir with sheer beauty!

Azad Kashmir is home of many marvelous tourist destinations with striking feature variations in geography, culture and climate. Some of the major tourist attractions include:

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